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What we talk about

Sometimes you just need a break.  Last week was one of those times.

I wouldn’t begin to defend the tone or phrasing of Jeremiah Wright’s recent remarks.  But just how long can supposed professionals continue to talk about an “issue” without ever talking about the issue?  How much can you say about style, completely avoiding any substance?

Apparently pretty long.  Four days, five days, six days?  Months?  Years?

The sad part is that underneath Wright’s bombast and divisive language are real issues that we need to discuss.  Not shout about or poll about.  But discuss, as in you speak.  I listen.  I think about what you said.  I respond.  You listen.  We consider one another’s points and perspectives.  We posit ways to improve.  You speak.  I listen.  It continues.

Didn’t happen.  It scares me, and it makes me sad.

Then again, maybe it’s better to laugh than to cry.


Reverend Wright and the MSM

They wouldn’t know a hermeneutic if it jumped up and bit them in the patootie.

I am of the considered opinion that there may not be 10* people in mainstream media who are intelligent, educated, principled, and courageous enough to cover the Jeremiah Wright story.  This morning’s quick response commentary on MSNBC to Wright’s wow performance at the National Press Club included a ditzy lady saying she went to a black church (note past tense) and the preacher didn’t talk like that.


Hey, this democracy thing is predicated on the foundation of an educated, informed electorate.  How’s that working out?


* Hmmm.  That would be Keith Olbermann, Jim Lehrer, Ray Suarez, and . . . and . . . help me out here.  Okay, make that “less than 10.”

Keith Olbermann and Ann Richards’ hair

I don’t know how I missed Keith Olbermann for five years.  Five long years.  But I did.  Well, I do know how.  He’s on MSNBC when the PBS News Hours is on here and that’s pretty much sacred viewing time.  But now, at last, I’ve found him.  And I’m not alone.

Of course, I love Keith because of his wit, insight, depth and breadth of knowledge.  But most of all I like that we have so much in common.  He thinks like me and is irreverent like me and hates “conventional wisdom” like me and rants like me.  Except that he’s way smarter and way funnier than me.  And I have Ann Richards’ hair.

Here’s an homage to Keith from avrds at the Daily Kos:  How I fell in love with Keith Olbermann and registered 70 new voters.

And another Kos blogger, PittsburghPete, is taking a news holiday which has contributed greatly to his happiness.  But he lets us know that if he were to watch one show it would be Countdown:  A One Step Guide to Being Really Happy!

If you like your news flat out-there and funny, if you look forward to a good rant, if you would like to see guests on a news show who have a lick of sense, give Countdown a try:  MSNBC, 8 p.m. EDT.  News the way it outta be.

When states behave badly

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC this morning said the Democrats were in a quandry over “how to resolve the mess . . . ” of the Florida and Michigan primaries.

What mess?

The DNC sets the party rules.  The candidates agreed to the rules.  Florida and Michigan knew the rules.  Florida and Michigan broke the rules.  There are consequenses.  Sorry, Charilie.

(That would be Charlie Crist, Republican guv of Florida who has been mentioned as a possible McCain VP pick.  When pressed in a CNN interview, he admitted that when he allowed the primaries to be scheduled early in spite of the parties’ rules he expected the parties to cave.  Still does.  What a stand-up kinda guy.  Yack.)

So where does that leave us?  The Michigan and Florida delegates will be floor credentialed without a vote in the first round (or two or three) of voting.  It’s a time-out for our misbehaving children.  Done.  No muss, no fuss.  No mess.

And no need for Clinton supporters to threaten the party establishment as the Daily KOS and others reported last week.  Puh-leez.  The media does just fine inventing drama for the Democrats—we’re the only game in town right now.  Let’s not help them along by acting like bullies.