About this older voter

According to most pollsters I am an “older voter.”  This came as a shock.

We were watching the returns from the New Hampshire primaries—as lifelong political junkies will do.  During the endless hours of meaningless chatter insightful analysis someone described the category of “older voter.”  And I am one.

Not sure how this could be because I still think of myself as an outside-the-box, idealistic youth.  In a nutshell, I’m an un-reconstructed ’60’s liberal, moderated perhaps slightly by a mortgage and our children’s orthodontia.

Name . . . Susan

Age . . . 61

Location . . . San Antonio

Attitude . . . skewed

Faves . . . grandchildren, pearls, Robert Parker, shrimp scampi, sunshine, shopping, crystals, Key West, rain, James Taylor, Saturday mornings, multigrain pancakes (see previous), road trips, spinach, New York at Christmas, bead shops, periwinkle, Beach Boys, driving with the window down, lemon . . .

Contact me at

susan (at) oldervoter (dot) com


One response to “About this older voter

  1. GladI found your b log. I am an older voter (80) and unabashedly liberal. I will try to make you a daily read after Brilliant at Breakfast. I am Her mother. Keep going!!

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