What we talk about

Sometimes you just need a break.  Last week was one of those times.

I wouldn’t begin to defend the tone or phrasing of Jeremiah Wright’s recent remarks.  But just how long can supposed professionals continue to talk about an “issue” without ever talking about the issue?  How much can you say about style, completely avoiding any substance?

Apparently pretty long.  Four days, five days, six days?  Months?  Years?

The sad part is that underneath Wright’s bombast and divisive language are real issues that we need to discuss.  Not shout about or poll about.  But discuss, as in you speak.  I listen.  I think about what you said.  I respond.  You listen.  We consider one another’s points and perspectives.  We posit ways to improve.  You speak.  I listen.  It continues.

Didn’t happen.  It scares me, and it makes me sad.

Then again, maybe it’s better to laugh than to cry.


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