A young woman—one of our neighbors—just walked by in racing stride.  She had an iPod plugged in and two spaniels on leashes.  Efficient.

Do you think she noticed the big new yellow esperanza blossoms?

Hat tip to Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast for her thoughts and the link to a blogger, John Brown of Kansas, who is “dropping out” of the commenting biz.  He writes so well about perspective and priorities and anger and what’s really important.  And about accepting that it will be okay.

I wonder if my young neighbor knows that esperanza means hope.


One response to “Hope

  1. Esperanza is also the name of the latest failed condo complex in Asbury Park, NJ. This is a NJ shore town (of Springsteen fame) that just hasn’t been able to climb up out of despair and decay. With NJ shore real estate preposterously expensive, Asbury Park has been largely a slum for much of my lifetime. The Esperanza development replaced YET ANOTHER failed development that had been a rusting skeleton for over a decade, and now this one has failed.

    That says something, but I’m not sure what.

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