Keith Olbermann and Ann Richards’ hair

I don’t know how I missed Keith Olbermann for five years.  Five long years.  But I did.  Well, I do know how.  He’s on MSNBC when the PBS News Hours is on here and that’s pretty much sacred viewing time.  But now, at last, I’ve found him.  And I’m not alone.

Of course, I love Keith because of his wit, insight, depth and breadth of knowledge.  But most of all I like that we have so much in common.  He thinks like me and is irreverent like me and hates “conventional wisdom” like me and rants like me.  Except that he’s way smarter and way funnier than me.  And I have Ann Richards’ hair.

Here’s an homage to Keith from avrds at the Daily Kos:  How I fell in love with Keith Olbermann and registered 70 new voters.

And another Kos blogger, PittsburghPete, is taking a news holiday which has contributed greatly to his happiness.  But he lets us know that if he were to watch one show it would be Countdown:  A One Step Guide to Being Really Happy!

If you like your news flat out-there and funny, if you look forward to a good rant, if you would like to see guests on a news show who have a lick of sense, give Countdown a try:  MSNBC, 8 p.m. EDT.  News the way it outta be.


One response to “Keith Olbermann and Ann Richards’ hair

  1. that’s “oughta”, not “outta”. WhatsamattaU?

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