Right out of the playbook

The answer?  24.

The question?  How many scripted, emotional, hot button, salute-this phrases can you pack into 143 seconds?

Remember the Newt Gingrich Contract for on America?  That’s the first time I remember a tightly scripted playbook.  Here’s what Gov. Charlie Crist (R, FL) packed into his interview with Anderson Cooper . . .

  • party bosses in Washington
  • the people of Florida
  • the people have a right to have their voice be heard
  • democracy in action
  • voices heard
  • power of the people
  • people’s voice
  • democracy should be respected
  • Florida taxpayers (won’t pay)
  • opportunity to vote
  • turn out in record numbers
  • leader of the free world
  • the right thing to do (twice)
  • respect democracy
  • democracy should be respected and revered in America (twice)
  • respect the voters
  • Floridians have their vote respected
  • people of Michigan have their vote respected
  • respect for the ballot box
  • people’s voice
  • our voters should not be disenfranchised
  • vote should be respected

How do they do that?  At least he threw in a “cooler heads will prevail.”


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