When states behave badly

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC this morning said the Democrats were in a quandry over “how to resolve the mess . . . ” of the Florida and Michigan primaries.

What mess?

The DNC sets the party rules.  The candidates agreed to the rules.  Florida and Michigan knew the rules.  Florida and Michigan broke the rules.  There are consequenses.  Sorry, Charilie.

(That would be Charlie Crist, Republican guv of Florida who has been mentioned as a possible McCain VP pick.  When pressed in a CNN interview, he admitted that when he allowed the primaries to be scheduled early in spite of the parties’ rules he expected the parties to cave.  Still does.  What a stand-up kinda guy.  Yack.)

So where does that leave us?  The Michigan and Florida delegates will be floor credentialed without a vote in the first round (or two or three) of voting.  It’s a time-out for our misbehaving children.  Done.  No muss, no fuss.  No mess.

And no need for Clinton supporters to threaten the party establishment as the Daily KOS and others reported last week.  Puh-leez.  The media does just fine inventing drama for the Democrats—we’re the only game in town right now.  Let’s not help them along by acting like bullies.


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