Ready on Day One, Part I

Looking beyond snarky ads about 3 a.m. phone calls . . . actually it’s a cool ad, but what’s with the make up, linen suit, and jewelry in the middle of the night?  She plans to get dressed before she handles an international crisis?  Or she’ll just sleep this way every night that she’s president, just in case that 3 a.m. call comes?

Getting back to the pressing question.  What exactly does prepare someone to be Commander-in-Chief on inauguration day?

Since World War II, Older Voter can only think of two bright-and-shiny new Presidents who had the actual experience to hit the ground running:  Eisenhower and Bush, the daddy.  (I’m ruling out pillow talk as qualifying experience, else Marilyn Monroe would need to be on the short list.  Or not-so-short list.)

We may still like-Ike, but he’s dead and we booted voted out Papa Bush.  I don’t see any 5-star generals waiting in the wings.  So where does that leave us?  If it’s not experience, what does “ready” mean?


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