Breaking News: NY guv caught in . . .

Breaking News:  New York governor, Eliot Spitzer, caught using a high-price prostitution ring, has resigned today.

This message is brought as a public service to those readers who have been in a coma doing something of significance for the past 60 hours and are unaware of this crucial story of great national significance prurient interest.

My sympathy goes out to Gov. Spitzer’s wife.  My heart breaks for his three teenage daughters and his parents.

But to CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, XYX, LMNOP, and even Public Television, puh-LEEZ!

This is a local, state, regional story.  This guy is not a national figure.  It does not merit 2+ days of wall-to-wall national coverage—much of it wrong to boot!  Mention in passing that Democratic candidate Senator Clinton has lost a super-delegate.  Give a nice (but brief) bio of the soon-to-be new governor of New York.  Then for Pete’s sake, move on.

At this point even a story or two about Britney and K-Fed would be a welcome relief.

(And to my daughter whose first reaction at prostitute’s making $1,000-5,500 per hour was along the lines of “I’m in the wrong business,”  Mom understands you were just kidding.  Right?  Of course, you were.)


One response to “Breaking News: NY guv caught in . . .

  1. Also unwarranted news coverage? Getting to know the call girl better. They seem to be very interested in letting us know a little bit more about her. She’s a hooker. What’s to know?

    Thanks for visiting my blog! xoxo

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